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Success is based on the harmonious cooperation between horse and rider.
The first and most important step: finding the perfect sports partner.
The goal: a successful show-jumping career.

  • Individualized service
    Comprehensive advice during the process of finding, buying and train a new horse.
  • Extensive offer
    Talented youngster up to Grand Prix horses – available at own stable and beyond.
  • Global network
    Continuous addition of interesting talents to portfolio.
  • Talent-Scouting
    Continuous acquisition and trading of talented youngster, hunter, amateur and competition horses up to S***.


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Professional and horse-friendly training with a lot of variety and individualized care of every horse determines the daily schedule. Only motivated, top-conditioned and well-trained horses are able to fulfill the highest expectations.

  • Training and development
    From tests for young horses up to international Grand Prix-level.
  • Individualized goals
    Optimized training in accordance to performance level and goal setting.
  • Build up trust
    In particular, a long-term cooperation usually leads to the desired success.
  • Horse shows
    Including full service at national and international horse shows tailored to the needs of every horse.
  • Planning
    Regular exchange between rider and horse owner and definition of goals grants optimized development.


Individual training for riders
Supervision at show grounds
+49 175 430 5423


Professional & individual training
Basic schooling up to competing
+49 175 430 5423

Breeding and training from one source – with self-bred offsprings to success.
Selected mares and TOP pairing ensure the future of our sport.


* 2001
Holstein – Stamm 8769
* 2005
Stamm 8769 – International successful show jumping horses:
Fleur 195 by Romino u. Sühne v. Landgraf I-Fokus II – Lesley Mc Naught/SUI
Grace 136 by Grannus u. Chanel v. Cor de la Bryère-Landgraf I – Rolf Moormann
Nobless M by Calido I-Landgraf I; Mutter von Cordius M – Pius Schwizer/SUI
Traco by Thuswin xx u. Bühne v. Fokus II-Maki I-Neipperg – Andreas Weychert
Holstein – Stamm 474A
* 2003
Stamm 474A – International successful show jumping horses:
Q-Verdi by Quidam de Revel a.d. Clarissa v. Landgraf I-Calypso I – Maikel van der Vleuten/NL
by Voltaire a.d. Notre Dame v. Cassini I-Quidam de Revel – Annelies Vorsselmans/BEL
Wimbledon MVNZ by C-Indoctro a.d. Solette VDL v. Emilion-Nimmerdor – Lieven Devos/BEL
BMC Wizzerd by C-Indoctro I a.d. S-Maywies v. Corland-Glennridge –  Jeroen Dubbeldam/NL
  • 1989 born & raised at his parents‘ farm near Dortmund
  • At the age of 12: 1st start advanced level (class S)
  • At the age of 13: Westphalian Vice-Champion (Junior)
  • Professional sports training & support amongst others: Jos Lansink & Holger Hetzel
  • At the age of 23: Receiving the ‚German golden riding award‘
  • More than 200 victories and placings in national & international shows S* to S***
  • Since 2010 self-employed in Senden-Bösensell
2015 - Show Jumping (top results)
CSI* Small Tour – 1st place – CHIQUINA COLADA – Schwerin Int.
1.40m – 1st place – LYCANDO – Prüm
1.40m – 1st place – BARRICHELLO – Prüm
1.50m – 3rd place – LYCANDO – Freudenberg
1.25m – 2nd place – CASTLEFIELD SOCKS – Münster Turnier der Sieger
1.25m – 1st place – FINE GIRL – Gelsenkirchen
1.35m – 1st place – CASTLEFIELD SOCKS – Waltrop
1.25m – 2nd place – CASTLEFIELD SOCKS – Hagen a.T.W.
2014 - Show Jumping (top results)
1.35m – 1st place – ALFA JORDAN – Voßwinkel
1.35m – 2nd place – ROCKET D’ELLE – Voßwinkel
1.35m – 1st place – CHIQUINA COLADA – Voßwinkel
1.35m – 1st place – ROCKET D’ELLE – Bad Rothenfelde
1.45m – 1st place – LYCANDO – Sibculo/NED
1.45m – 1st place – LYCANDO – Sibculo/NED
1.45m – 1st place – LITTLEFOOT – Münster
1.40m – 1st place – LYCANDO – Münster
1.35m – 1st place – ARRAGHBEG CLOVER – Herford
1.35m – 1st place – ROCKET D’ELLE – Herford
2013 - Show Jumping (top results)
1.45m – 2nd place – GINSTER – CSI*** Nörten-Hardenberg
1.60m – 8nd place – GINSTER – CSI*** Nörten-Hardenberg
1.40m – 1st place – LAST KNIGHT LACAR – Appelhülsen
1.50m – 8th place – GINSTER – Dortmund
1.45m – 4th place – QUIDAM’S ALEGRIA – Dortmund
1.40m – 3rd place – LAJOLIE – MS Albachten
1.40m – 1st place – KAVANAGH – Zuidbroek (NED)
1.45m – 2nd place – GINSTER – Zuidbroek (NED)
1.40m – 1st place – GINSTER – Rosendall (NED)
1.40m – 1st place – VALENTINO ROSSI – Neeroeteren (BEL)

Sporthorses Mario Maintz
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+49 175 430 5423